HTML Formatting

You can format HTML text similar way you format Word Document.

Most of HTML Editors, Website builder provide button,menus to make Text bold, italics etc.  You can direclty use HTML tags too to achive same

HTML Formatting Syntax

Attributes are provided with start tag of HTML element.

Start tag Description End tag
<b> Bold </b>
<strong> Strong </strong>
<i> Italics text <i>
<em> Emphasized Text </em>
<small> Small Text </small>
<mark> Define Mark, highlighted Text </mark>
<ins> Describe inserted text </ins>
<del> Define deleted text </del>
<sub> Define subscripted text </sub>
<sup> Define superscripted text </sup>

Tags like <h1>, <h2> are used for creating heading.  These are also considered part of formatting

Sample Code


<small>Lines in small letter </small>


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