Options for building websites

Options for Building websites

There are number of options to build a website

1. You can build a static HTML site. 

It will give best performance.  However the disadvantage is maintaining the site is difficult.  If you want to continiously update content, you will have to build static pages.

2.  You can build ASPX site with database

It is easy to maintain.  However if your site gets lot of traffic, you need to have scalable architecture and hosting.

3. You can build PHP site with database.

Same as above.

4.  You can use wordpress

Wordpress is great for non technical bloggers. You need not have to know programming.  However it also have performance issue if you get lot of traffic.  Moving site from one server to other is other challenge.  you need to be technical to take wordpress backup.

5.  You can build a statuc HTML site with ASPX or PHP

This is best option if you want to get better performance, scalability.  You build ASPX or PHP site with DB and generate static HTML pages from it.  Kreatwebsites has a tool that does it.  Using this toolset thay have converted hundreds of dynamic sites into static.  Site owner still use dynamic site and everyday tool convert static pages.


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