HTML Lessons | Learn HTML 5


1. HTML5 is future of internet. Not even web pages but apps for multiple devices will be build on HTML5. Using HTML5 companies will be able to build HTML5 app that will work on Windows, Android, iOS device.

2. Between 1980-2012 desktop were used.  Now devices of all form factors are used - Smart phone, tables, Touch screen PC and even TVS. Smart phones have same capabilities as tablets.  Companies need a build compatible apps for all devices. HTML5 make it possible.

3. Cable era is over. People have stared watching TV on internet.  Video, Movies will be watched online.  More and more are created in rich video format. HTML has full support for Video from version 5 onwards.

4. Location based services will play major role in internet apps, search and ecommerce.  If user need to find restaurant, saloon, car repair shop - app or website will show option near to location of user.  HTML 5 onward there is  full support for location.  It will act like GPS and give user current information.

5. If you are a developer or tester in any technology - ASP, PHP, Sharepoint, Apps - knowing HTML5 is must. 


6.  Even if you are not a developer, you should know basic HTML.  It is easy, intutive and you can impress your friend and do many things yourself.

Yes you can use "What you see what you get" editor.  However once you use them, you will realize learning HTML is easier than learning various editor. Moreover you get freedom to do multiple things if you write in native HTML.

click on examples, template, tutorial and get started!

We believe every document, ppt in world will be based on HTML;

Sample Code

<p> Symbol of sun is &#9728 </p> will show Symbol of sun is ☀

<p> Symbol of sun is &#x2600 </p> will show Symbol of sun is ☀




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